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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Am A Tree - Lyrics by E.Anderl

I am a tree - I show my age when I don´t cry
I have the leaves that will fall off when wind blows by
Don´t strip off my bark - I have been stripped of it before
Yesterday´s gone and tomorrow has so much more in store
You are a bird - you´re taking off in every way
Say the last word until there is nothing more to say
Don´t interrupt - you know the squirrels are my friends
Get off my limb - for I will break before I bend
I´m planning to see
I´m planning to feel you all over me
So climb up my trunk and build on your nest
Come get the sap out of me
I am a tree!
Fruitless and free!
No symmetry!
Touch me and see!
I am a tree - counting my rings will do no good
I wont live long but I would be with you if I could
When you take flight, remember me to one who lives there
Since you have flown, there´s something special in the air

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