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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Plant for the Planet - UN Programme

Plant for the Planet mainly targets schools and children 14 years and below and solicits the participation of other members of the community and the private sector to become involved in tree planting.

The disappearance of forests poses a serious threat to our survival. Forests play an important role in our planet’s ecosystem. They are homes to millions of species of wild plants and animals and play an important role in absorbing greenhouse gases.

During the last century, the world lost over 80 per cent of its original forests. Every day, approximately 375 square kilometers of forest are lost.Plant for the Planet was initiated with schools in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya. Major tree planting sessions are organized each year in April and November where schools are mobilized to plant thousands of trees.

Plants for the Planet campaigns have also been launched in Ghana and Bangladesh. Many more countries are joining this project. It is anticipated that each participating country will plant between one and five million trees by 2008.

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