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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We should learn the basics of love from the Nature - Amma's Article

Here's the traslation of Matha Amrithanandamayi's article from the Malayalam Daily Mathrubhumi


My dear children
There is no greater University than the Nature. What all lessons she teaches us? We should carefully watch the Nature. However small we see it will show us bigger views. It will light our mind. Our life will be a celebration of joy.
Look at a River. On its way from the High Mountains it softly caresses everyone along its way to the Ocean. We should be like this River. Anyone can bath in the river, the river is not bothered about what gender or what race are those who approach her belong to. She is not bothered at all if you like it or not. She does not mind why you came to her but gives everything she has. The River does not care if you came to bath or drink or wash. When one person encompasses this quality we can it compassion. This is the first lesson we learn from Nature. This compassion should be nurtured in us.
What is the meaning of the saying "Plant Ten trees, if you fell one?" Is that sufficient? Not at all. It is like changing a big Teakwood pillar and replacing it with ten match-sticks. Not even a hundred saplings can give the coolness and shade a big tree can provide. My children, you should never think The Mother advices you against planting Trees. If you want to cut a Tree, before that we have to plant a sapling and wait for it to grow into a tree. A small sapling can never give as much as a big tree gives to the Nature. Only one spoonful of chlorine can clean a bucket of water, not one or two granules. When trees are destroyed be aware that it is the end of the mankind. See how much animals are becoming extinct everyday. As the climate is changed more species are lost. Fireflies are not at all seen in cities now.
There was once a liquor seller. He asked his wife to pray for more people to become his clients. When a drinker heard that he asked her to pray for his business too to increase. And what was his profession? He was a coffin-seller. This is the present state of the World.
Look once again into the Nature. She gives everyone everything without expecting anything in return. My children should never be a part of anything that disturbs or destroys Nature. Nature is the biggest teacher. Her sacrifice should be the ultimate lesson for us. We are bound to return at least a millionth of this to Nature. We should always be very loving to everyone around us.
You might have heard the story of Sakuntala. Muni Kanwa got her from Nature, from the forest. While she was leaving the Ashram when grown up, the jasmine plant she watered and tended to did not let her go by encircling her. The animals cried. These all show, if we love the trees and animals they will surely love us back. Swimming in selfishness, we are even unaware what love is. We should learn the basics of love from the Nature. We should open our eyes and ears every time to the Nature. Set aside some time everyday for the Nature. The lessons the Nature teaches us will make the world a peaceful haven. My children should realize this. My children should live accordingly and spread the word.

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