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Monday, March 31, 2008

Adopt a tree to save Orangutans

WHAT link is there between trees and tea that could possibly save the orang-utans’ home in the Kinabatangan forest in Sabah?

Boh Plantations Sdn Bhd (Boh) and WWF-Malaysia (WWF) have organised a campaign themed “Tea for Trees” to create public awareness towards restoring the Home of Orang-Utans.

The campaign encourages public participation in the efforts to conserve this endangered species by symbolically adopting a tree.

The tree adoption drive held at The Curve in Petaling Jaya last weekend drew strong interest from shoppers and environment enthusiasts with the many fun-filled educational activities organised to keep the public enthralled.

“We believe that we are in a position to reach out to Malaysians and share the message of the need to protect the orang utans which are threatened due to destruction of their habitat,” said Boh Plantations chief executive officer Caroline Russell.

Russell added that as a fervent supporter and advocate of wildlife and environmental conservation, Boh had initiated the “New Hope for Orang utans” project to highlight issues threatening the primates.

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