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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Children get involved in tree planting initiatives

Students and youth groups from across East Yorkshire will be taking part in pick and mix tree planting initiatives to help safeguard our native trees and hedgerows, creating lasting woodland legacies.
In all over 1,200 trees will be planted East Yorkshire this spring as part of the scheme, adding to over 160,000 planted across the UK.

Schools had a choice of packs from hedge tree species, copse species or seeds. The packs will see thousands of schools across the UK taking part in tree planting activities over the next month.

The initiatives are courteously of the Woodland Trust's ground-breaking 'Tree for All' campaign, which was launched in September 2004. It is the largest children's tree planting initiative the UK has ever seen and will see over 12 million trees planted by 1,000,000 children by 2009, inspiring today's youngsters to engage with nature and become environmental custodians of the future.

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