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Saturday, March 22, 2008

For the love of trees - Read it my Friends

When we see changes are happening the immediate thought that comes to our mind would be "Oh! it is happened because of the struggle of many people for many years". But this notion not necessarily be true. A few people of the same type or say just a man can make changes. Please read this my friends.

WEST VALLEY CITY - Odds are if you've walked through a West Valley City park recently, you've seen a tree growing there thanks to Darin Nerdin.
His efforts to make Utah greener have earned Nerdin the title of Utah State Arborist of the Year, an honor that came less than three years after he joined the West Valley City staff as a parks forester.
In addition to his work duties of planting and caring for city trees and plants, Nerdin also serves on committees dedicated to boosting private planting and recognizing historic and large trees in the state.
The forester is passionate about reaching the goal of the Salt Lake County Million Trees project, which began last year, to have 1 million new trees planted in the area by 2017.
"I think it's achievable," Nerdin said. "Basically, it's a tree per person."
His work has taken root throughout the state. Nerdin also helps get recognition for existing trees through the Utah Heritage Tree Board.
One of the trees nominated for the list is at his parents' American Fork, an 80-foot-tall honey locust that was brought to the state across the plains in the early 1860s.

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