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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Indian minister attacks biofuels

While we tend to believe that bio-fules are a real substitute for petro-fules, please think twice. Precious staple of the third world is routed to make fuels.

Indian Finance Minister P Chidambaram has said that it is "outrageous" that developed countries are turning food crops into bio fuels.

He said that countries like the US were doing so while the world's poor are struggling with surging food prices.

Delivering a lecture in Singapore, Mr Chidambaram said that using corn and other crops for fuel was a sign of "lopsided priorities".

He said that such an "uncaring" policy had to be strongly condemned.

The finance minister was also critical of "lax supervision", which he said had led to the US mortgage crisis and global economic uncertainty.

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Britain's first bioethanol plant, which will eventually convert 340,000 tonnes of locally grown wheat per year into 131 million litres of ethanol.

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