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Friday, March 14, 2008

Plant trees - Poem by Ashwini S. M, IX Std

See a poem by a school Girl. The poem speaks for itself.

Plant trees

Plant trees, please plant trees,
For this you need not suffer any fees!
With trees you feel at ease
So try planting one please
For trees you need not pay any tax
So just don’t continue to be lax
I request you to plant trees
Only then, its importance you shall see
Little water daily is that all it shall cost
But then, you will see your tree grow fast
Finally it’ll grow into a big one
And it’ll protect you from hot sun
It’ll also give you fruits and fragrant flowers
And bring along blissful showers
And since it gives shade and an atmosphere cool
Afforestation must be made a rule!
Trees and plants, friends, must again be seen
Lest we forget even the colour Green!

Ashwini S. M, IX Std, Sri Vani High School, Bangalore