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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tree planting essential to the environment

ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY, N.Y. -- When planning your gardening, you might want to consider adding a few trees. As they mature, they can shade homes and help prevent soil erosion. Officials say even one tree can have a huge impact.

"Some of the bigger environmental benefits are carbon sequestration. The trees actually produce fiber and trap carbon from the atmosphere that we produce," said Aaron Earl, St. Lawrence County Soil and Water District Forester.

"Even if it’s your yard, your lawn, your backyard, an acre of land will provide enough oxygen for four people for a year. So we gotta plant these trees and take care of them," said Bill LaPoint, Chairman for the Northern Adirondack Chapter of the New York Forest Owners.

Now officials aren't the only ones who are thinking about some springtime planting. High school students from Ogdensburg Free Academy are also spreading the message to some of the area's youngest students.

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