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Monday, August 4, 2008

Emma's Tree-Planting Initiative Surpasses 10,000 Trees

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 31, 2008, Emma(R), the email marketing and communications service, announced it has planted 10,000 trees so far in 2008, thanks to the success of its Five Trees program.

Emma kicked off the year with a monthly initiative to plant five trees for each customer who chooses Emma to power their email marketing newsletters and campaigns, with the help of the reforestation non-profit Plant-It 2020. More than 300 customers each month have signed up for the email service, putting Emma on track to plant 20,000 trees in 2008, far exceeding the original goal of 15,000.

Annie Kinnaird, director of business development at Emma, is thrilled at the program's success. "Five trees doesn't seem like a lot, but 10,000 sure does. It's a great reminder of how quickly a lot of small contributions can add up to a big impact for the environment."

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