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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tree-planting honours environmental award recipient

A tree-planting ceremony was held Wednesday to honour Sunbury Transport Ltd., recipient of the 2007 Environmental Leadership Award in the business category.

Environment Minister Roland Hache and Sunbury Transport officials planted the tree at the company's headquarters in Fredericton.

"Planting a tree to commemorate an individual, group or business winning an Environmental Leadership Award is a long-standing tradition," Hache said. "The tree stands as a symbol of the recipient's hard work and dedication to protecting the environment."

In 2006, Sunbury Transport launched an idle-time reduction program for truck owner-operators. The result was a reduction of the use of 200,000 litres of fuel. In addition, Sunbury Transport has collaborated with Smartway to develop a fuel efficiency e-learning program for other carriers.

Hache commended the business for constantly looking for ways to manage and improve its fuel efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"If New Brunswick is to reach self-sufficiency by 2026, environmental sustainability must be a priority for all levels of government, individuals and businesses," Hache said. "I hope the actions undertaken by Sunbury Transport inspire other companies in New Brunswick to be smart and take action on climate change."

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Chris said...

Good luck with your work. Sounds like a very worthy project.