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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Autumn is an excellent time for planting trees

Fall isn't just for planting bulbs.

It is also an ideal time of year for more ambitious garden projects, such as planting a mature tree that will shade the sliding glass door on your deck next summer.

Or replacing those generic foundation plantings with shrubs that are not only lovely in spring and summer, but also offer food and shelter for winter's creatures.

Fall planting is smart because it gives trees and shrubs time to grow the roots that can take advantage of a cool, wet spring, experts say, leaving them better able to handle the drought of summer.

And the selection can be as plentiful in fall as it is in spring.

"We actually restock in the fall," said Jason Sersen, retail manager at Kingsdene Nurseries in Monkton. "It is such a good planting season."

Trees and shrubs can be safely planted until at least Halloween, though they will require generous watering until they have dropped all their leaves, experts advise.

Like managers at other nurseries and garden centers, Sersen has noticed more buyers are interested in planting native trees and shrubs.

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The painting is by Nancy Merkle

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