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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Park turns tree graveyard

KOLKATA : At first, it resembles a saw mill right in the heart of south Kolkata. But take a close look. It's only Jatin Das Park, one of the major parks of the city, maintained by KMC.

If you happen to enter Jatin Das Park, you'll find lots of huge uprooted trunks of mighty banyan trees lying all across. A large number of wooden logs are scattered here and there. But why should a park be used as a dumping ground?

According to a section of KMC's parks department officials, Jatin Das Park is used for stocking wood that is collected by trimming tree branches or when trees get uprooted due to natural calamities. After bringing tree roots or branches here, these lie in the midst of the park till the civic authorities decide to auction off the wood. Usually, the civic body participates in the auction once each month. However, by that time, half of the wood that's collected is sold off to furniture shops, thanks to a section of KMC parks department employees who are hand-in-glove with a few contractors.

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The painting is by Laura Tasheiko

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