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Friday, September 26, 2008

Singapore firm helps Da Nang with urban tree planting

VietNamNet Bridge – Central Da Nang City has announced that Singapore’s National Parks Company will lend its expertise to a planning scheme to develop urban tree systems in the city.

At a recent working session with National Parks representatives, Da Nang authorities entrusted the company with designing a pilot project to plant trees along extended sections of Nguyen Van Linh Street and around the March 29 Square.

The pilot project will also replace a number of trees on two roads running along the Han River, as well as in a number of city parks.

National Parks has pledged to assist Da Nang City in the training of planners and the selection of species of trees proven to be suitable to the city’s soil as well as transfer its tree care techniques to local workers.

The Singaporean company expects to submit detailed planning to the Da Nang People’s Committee for approval in October.

Da Nang’s green-space currently stands at 2.2 sq.m per capita, much lower than the criteria set for an environmentally-friendly city, which requires an average green-space of 4-5 sq.m per person.

Natural disasters and the local residents’ poor sense of protecting trees are blamed for the rapid decrease in the number of trees in the city’s downtown area.

National Parks is a prestigious company operating in an urban ecological area. It has successfully designed a number of parks in China, the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

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