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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tree planting: Antidote to global warming

Environmental neglect on the part of the citizenry in general has given rise to the environmental problems we are experiencing today. The Kyoto Protocol which is the world’s primary International Agreement on Global Warming has been proffering possible solutions to this environmental imbalance including the 2007 United Nations Conference in Bali, Indonesia, on environmental neglect. The Protocol now covers over 160 countries presently. Yet we continue to deal with the environment with utmost impunity and neglect at the peril of everybody. The lack of awareness as to know the benefits of tree planting has added to the continuous problem encumbering the fragile environment.

In recent time, the emphasis on the issue of climate change globally is on the rise particularly as the challenge is narrowed to global warming. Empirical evidence of the destructive consequences of environmental neglect has lent more credence to the scientific revelation of climate change. The planet earth is now better described as the planet in peril, (courtesy of CNN). One will discover that environmental scientists and other scientists in related field on the environment have been breaking their heads through research in order to lay to rest this particular environmental challenge that is belabouring humans, flora and fauna.

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The painting is by Nancy Merkle

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