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Friday, September 5, 2008

TREE PLANTING DAY- September 22nd, 2008

The Ministry of Education and the Grenada National Commission for UNESCO will organize a special activity for 22nd September 2008. Schools in Grenada will join the rest of the world in planting trees in the community. The first trees will be planted at noon in Oceania.
Following the path of the Sun, new trees will be planted in Asia, Europe and Africa and the Americas. This event has become an annual success. Last year over 1000 schools in 102 countries planted tens of thousands of trees during the day.

Tree planting is very important for small Caribbean states as it reminds us of the importance of environmental protection. It is also a symbol of international co-operation. As this day is also known as the international day for peace we want to spread the message of tolerance and peace.

The day is organized by ENO- Environmental Online, a global virtual school for environmental awareness and sustainable development. It is also a campaign and a part of the Billion Tree Campaign by the United Nations Environment Programme.

ENO Tree Planting Day 2008

Article here

The painting is by Laura Tasheiko

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