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Sunday, September 7, 2008

With fall in the air, put tree planting on your list

Late summer leaves are floating to the ground, prompting us to look up and notice the trees in our gardens, neighborhoods and parks. We appreciate trees for their ornament, including fall color, but they do much more for us.

Now that planting time is upon us again -- when the ground is still warm and the rain increases -- consider the benefits of adding a tree to your landscape.

Trees help us keep cool or warm, depending on the season. Deciduous trees cast shade in summer, and in winter when leafless, they let the sun shine through their bare branches.

Right, it's not easy now to think of those 90-degree days we had this summer, but at the time, our houses were heating up. A tree, strategically planted at the south, west or southwest side of a house can reduce the surface temperature of a wall by at least 9 degrees. When the outside walls of the house are cooler, the inside will be cooler, too, and that will lessen the need for air-conditioning.

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The painting is by Laura Tasheiko

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