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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tree planting time

Boys, I have your Thanksgiving-Friday activity right here. While the ladies are battling crowds at the mall, and in between your leftover turkey munching and college football watching, you can plant a tree.

Yup, it will give you a chance to pump some oxygen into your sedentary system during what is expected to be a cool and kinda cloudy day. It's a great family-bonding activity and will also create a source of memories for Thanksgivings for years to come: "Why, I remember when we planted that tree. It was at Thanksgiving time. I think you were 6 years old then, son."

The best part is, this is the perfect time of year to stick a tree in the dirt. That's right, fall is better than spring. Take it from our local nursery experts.

"When you plant while the tree is dormant, the roots recover before growing time in the spring," said Dan Garbe, the nursery manager at Green Thumb International in Newhall.

Richard Green, owner of Green Landscape Nursery in Saugus, echoed the thought. "It's the best time of the year. Our cold doesn't really affect them. The nice thing is that they have six to seven months before the next 105 degree day," Green said. "They develop enough root system to handle the extreme arid heat of our summers and grow into it instead of having a detrimental reaction to it."

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The painting is by Nancy Merkle

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