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Monday, December 1, 2008

Fall is for planting

"I wish more gardeners understood that fall is a primary planting season in Louisiana. For years horticulturists have tried to get the word out that November through February is the ideal time to plant hardy trees and shrubs in the landscape. Planting in late November and early December is especially good since trees and shrubs planted now benefit in several ways.

The plants are dormant during this time and are less likely to suffer as much from transplant shock. In addition, the cool weather and regular rainfall typical during the winter here allow the new plantings to settle in and adjust with little stress (and less work for you watering them). Hardy trees and shrubs are not damaged by normal winter freezes, even if newly planted.

The roots of trees and shrubs will actively grow during the fall and early winter, so planting in fall allows them to become well-established prior to spring growth. By May of next year, trees and shrubs planted over the next six weeks will have developed better-established root systems than those planted next spring, and this will increase their ability to absorb water and survive that first stressful summer after planting.

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The painting is by Nancy Merkle

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