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Monday, December 1, 2008

Trees must be multiplied according to population

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - First Lady Ani Yudhoyono said she hoped that at one point in the future the number of trees in Indonesia would grow at the same rate as its population

The First Lady expressed the hope when launching a Women`s Tree Planting and Caring Movement 2008 themed "Towards Families` Food Resilience" at the Ancol Recreational Center here on Monday.

"In the future, the number of trees in Indonesia should increase as rapidly as its population ," Mrs Ani Yudhoyono said.

She said if Indonesia`s population growth rate now stood at around 1.43 percent per year, it meant a total of 3 million new trees had to be planted this year.

The first lady also called for one new tree to be planted for every baby that was borne for the sake of the children`s future.

"I did it for my grand daughter, Aira (Almira Tunggadewi Yudhoyono)," she said, adding that she planted breadfruit and coconut trees for her grandchild.

When the children grew up, they should be taught to care for the trees and love the environment and the Earth they live on, she said.

The Women`s Tree Planting and Caring Movement 2008 was launched simultaneously throughout Indonesia on Monday morning.

This year`s activities were focused on planting fruit-bearing trees, such as breadfruit and coconut trees.

At Ancol, the First Lady planted a breadfruit tree and Mrs. Mufidah Kalla, the wife of Vice President M Jusf Kalla, planted a coconut tree.

Before planting the trees, Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono had also distributed 15,000 milkfish fingerlings.

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The painting is by Nancy Merkle

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