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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tree planting plan to inspire growth at Braidburn park

Striking new trees are to be planted in Braidburn Valley Park this year.
A planting programme has been planned for the park to include more "specimen" trees, which stand either alone or in small groups to create visual impact.

A sweet chestnut, weeping ash and oak are being added to the park, with holly trees added at the back of the amphitheatre.

Elsewhere in the park, rowan trees, crab apples and birches will be planted, with a new red-barked birch to replace a dead tree next to the park's flagpole.

School children could be asked to help plant a series of smaller trees to replace rowans by the park's pavilion, which have been damaged by vandalism and grass mowers. The new trees will all be placed in the valley so they do not change views across the park.

The work follows a survey of park users and local people carried out by the Friends of Braidburn Valley Park two years ago, and a tree management plan drawn up by the city council.

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Painting by Benjamin William Leader

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