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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tree planting projects announced for Arbor Day

OREGON (WKOW) -- Town and Village of Oregon leaders are looking for volunteers to pitch in on a number Arbor Day tree planting projects.

They ask that volunteers bring along if you can: leather gloves, a shovel, pitchfork and wheel barrel if you can, as well as drinking water and a camera.

Organizers suggest wearing solid shoes and dressing for the weather.

Detailed instructions how to plant and where to plant the trees will be provided at the park the day of planting. Basically holes need to be dug, tree goes in hole, soil is broken up and returned to the hole, wall built with soil to hold water, air pockets are eliminated by adding adequate water, tree is straightened, and wood chips are layered on top of soil. Alpine Park will have holes started by machine.

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Painting is by Benjamin William Leader

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