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Thursday, March 26, 2009

County celebrates 250,000th tree planting

A CEREMONY took place to mark the planting of 250,000 young trees.

The county council had promised to plant a quarter of a million new trees across Essex and the successful end of the scheme was celebrated at Marks Hall, Coggeshall.

Essex County Council leader Lord Hanningfield said: “I am delighted to mark the successful completion of this terrific project.

“It really has brought so many people together to achieve a common good. I am thrilled many of those partners will be able to enjoy this special event. By planting 250,000 trees we have improved the ecology and enhanced the beauty of Essex, helping to preserve our county’s environment for the younger generation.”

Ten thousand trees were planted at Marks Hall through the work of various partners.

County councillor responsible for environment, Tracey Chapman, said: “The tree pledge has been a remarkable way of bringing so many people who care about the environment together to do something to positive.”

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The Painting is by Frederick William Hulme

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