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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A growing controversy

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-DT) -- Just about everybody loves to walk or drive down a tree-lined street. Now, Rochester's City Council is thinking about changing the ordinance that would "grow" the city's urban forest. NewsCenter's Jennifer Hoff has more on this growing controversy.

City foresters say, there are 30,000 open spaces in Rochester that they want to fill with trees.

These would be along city boulevards.

But homeowners might not be too pleased to know - if they want a maple, they might get a pine tree instead, in front of their house.

Pictures of city streets nearly always show tree-line properties.

Boulevard trees are at the center of those pictures.

Not only are they pretty, but help keep our air and water clean, argues City Forester Jacob Ryg.

At Monday's Committee of the Whole meeting, Ryg and his colleagues proposed the boulevard tree planting ordinance.

This would allow the forestry division to plant nearly 30-thousand trees in developing or already developed areas.

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The Painting is by Frederick William Hulme

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