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Friday, March 27, 2009

Municipalities recognized as Tree Cities

Several McHenry County municipalities were on the list of 191 communities in the state honored Thursday as Tree Cities.

McHenry has reached the milestone of 15 years of promoting tree planting and care as recognized by the Tree City USA program. The city is in its second year of using computer mapping to create a tree inventory, although it’s a work in progress, said Tom Schmidt, superintendent of forestry and park planning.

“That will tell us the overall health of our trees, how many trees are out there, [and] what species,” he said. “It will help provide more information for better management.”

Many communities, such as Hampshire, have policies set in place for tree preservation when land is developed. The village has been named a Tree City for the fifth year.

“A tree survey must be completed, and if they have any trees to be taken down, they have to be replaced at a certain ratio or a monetary contribution has to be made,” said Eric Palm, Hampshire village administrator.

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The painting is by Frederik Marianus Kruseman

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