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Friday, March 20, 2009

Project aims to plant more viable trees downtown, parks

Knoxville's Legacy Parks Foundation has created a new Legacy Tree Fund aimed at planting larger, more viable trees in Knoxville's downtown and parks.

For every $300 contribution to the fund, the foundation will plant one tree, holding part of the money for the maintenance and possible replacement of the tree. Contributions for tree care also are welcome.

"We aren't planting the little whips - the things that look like sticks," said Carol Evans, director of the Legacy Parks Foundation.

As a kickoff for the project on Feb. 25, the foundation planted five trees on Union Street near Market Square. The Valynor trident maples donated by Moon's Tree Farm are replacing Bradford pear trees, which Evans said were removed because they were not thriving in the cramped urban environment.

The Legacy Parks Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization that operates in partnership with Knox County and the City of Knoxville parks and recreation departments.

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The painting is by Cox David

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