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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tree planting and reforestation in Lofiriha community, Sudan, East Africa

Every day in Lofiriha community, an area of forest the size of a football ground is being cut downAims of the project

- To grow 5 million trees by establishing 500 community tree nurseries, each growing 10,000 trees per year to provide a sustainable source of wood for the future.

- To train, educate and empower the local Lofiriha communities to sustainably manage their local environment to reduce poverty.

Budget for Each Nursery

Euro1, 000 pays for setting up and running each tree nursery for one year. This money pays for transport, training, monitoring, polythene tube, and equipment.

Project total cost

Euro 33,577

Project Duration

Ongoing — we will be opening nurseries as funds become available.

Deforestation and Land Degradation

Lofiriha is a poor community and 100% of the people live in rural areas. Wood is a necessary part of daily life, and also there is great pressure to clear forests for agriculture. The present way of life is not sustainable. Wood has always been treated as a free resource, and vast areas of woodland have been cleared carelessly without any replanting for future coming generations. This deforestation also leads to soil erosion, land degradation and ultimately climate change which is and will have a devastating effect.

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The Painting is by George Caleb Bingham

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PanAmerican Properties said...

An excellent and cost effective initiative.

To accelerate benefits of the project you might consider using the species paulownia for reforestation. Paulownia grows fast and is fire resistant and a good source of timber which regrows.

For more information on paulownia you may read