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Sunday, January 20, 2008

By the river - poem by Sylvia Chidi

By the river

By the river I stand
Waves amass together with ease
Along the river banks sand
With little ripples as they please
How fascinating, these waves really tease!
Bestowing upon me a quiet sense of peace
As the tension in my muscles release

Watching with a shiver
I gaze with marvel at the river
For I am an avid believer
There is more than life it delivers

This feeling is mutual
The river signifies something spiritual
Right down below it is factual
Life form continues to mature and grow
And whilst the river flows
Who knows what life holds for us tomorrow

Sylvia Chidi

Shown here is the Hogenakal Water falls. Hogenakal Falls is a beautiful water falls in the state of Tamilnadu, is a good Picnic spot and also its wates supposed to have curative powers. This beautiful, quiet waterfall is 40 km from Dharmapuri and 180 km from Bangalore towards Salem. Here the Cauvery River enters the plains and the river dashing against the rocks is a great sight

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