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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tree Planting tips

Tree Planting tips - by - M.Sundara raman - tree planter and tree seed collector (Founder Trustee of NIZHAL,an NGO ofChennai , SeedEXNORA Senator)

1)Tree-Planting should start with "Selecting the Seeds".(A respectable term for picking)
2)Tree-planting is a long-drawn and continuous exercise.
3)Trees take a long time to grow.
4)Daily watering arrangements are a must ,before undertaking Massive Tree-planting.
5) You should be an amateur and not an expert so that you can be successful.
6) You should enjoy tree-planting , and make Children associate themselves as , for them every little experience is education.and Training
7) You should not be afraid of soiling your hands, fingers and feet
8) The availability of seeds under the Mother trees is a seasonal affair.So you should pick as many as possible in one season.
9) Since there is no will or mind in the minds of Urbanites, as also there is no space, we should try to use Road-sides and Villages.
10) We should co-ordinate with the Civic Authorities for using open places and Parks.
11) As many people should start raising trees in milk-sachets and other PVC packing material like Atta-Bags,Woven sacks etc.,
Contact details of M. Sundararaman: Tel# 044--24461660

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The motto of Sri. sundararaman is

"Until the last tree is cut; Until the last river is dry; Until the last fish is caught; Until the last animal is killed; Man willnot realise that he cannot eat money"

The painting is by Baldomero Romero Ressendi

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