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Friday, March 6, 2009

Help flowering tree live the good life

As temperatures start getting warmer, we are drawn to the outdoors. For many of us that involves sprucing up our yards and planting new plants.

If your gardening plans include planting a new tree, you have a great opportunity today to purchase one at Greenscape's annual Flowering Tree Sale. There will be a variety of trees available, from crape myrtles and hollies to river birches and cypresses. Azaleas and Knockout roses will also be available.

For many people, planting a tree consists of buying the tree, taking it home and planting it. I recommend adding a few steps to guarantee success. They are Planning, Purchasing, Planting and Establishing.


Planning involves looking over your landscape and answering a few questions.

How much space do you have? A large tree needs a lot of rooting space as well as space for its branches to spread.

Is your planting site in full sun, full shade or somewhere in between? How well drained is your property?

Planning also involves figuring out the attributes you would like to have in your tree. Do you want an evergreen or a tree that looses its leaves in the winter? What leaf shapes are attractive to you?

Your site characteristics should be matched with a tree that meets your criteria. The more planning you put into your purchase, the more satisfied you will be with the outcome.

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The Painting is by Byun Shi Ji

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