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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Can a Forest be Grown ?

Can a forest be made? be grown? At first it might seem impossible. But with some
attention, patience and will a forest can be made. Set aside a little space in your
backyard for a forest. It may seem leaving that space free form intervention is the
best way to grow a forest. But planting a few fruit bearing trees is a better option. As the trees grow and have fruits, birds will come from various parts. They will bring seeds with them. The next rain will show new plants sprouting. In time you will be a proud owner of a mysterious, thick, green forest. Does it worth keeping aside a little space just for a forest which would not give anything in return? This question was asked to me many times by many friends. The answer depends on how you view this little forest of yours. If you like birds chirping and the sound of water falling from trees even after the rain had gone or like to sit below the shade when the air is hot, or like to see squirrels running through it with noises or a wild flower blooming suddenly after the rains it is worth the effort. Or if your place is a lot bigger you will have a small stream formed inside your forest naturally. It would be the greatest treasure you might transfer to your generations to come.

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