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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Importance of Planting Trees

Trees are one of the most beautiful creations of Nature. The size, shape, age, variety and everything a tree has is wonderful. When you see a big or old tree chances are high that it is planted by an old generation. We should be able to keep this continuity going forward for the generations to come. We have trees standing high for fifty centuries. We are lucky to see them because they are protected for ages. What are the things that we should do to carry forward this blessing. Two of the best things are Planting new Trees and protecting old ones. At a time and place when enemies galore it is very important to take active interventions for the protection of trees. If they could talk or move they would have somehow managed to escape from humans. But since they are speechless and motionless it is our duty to protect them.
Anytime of the year is apt for planting tress. If the season is rainy a simple fencing is all needed to protect a tree for sometime. Active followup is needed to ensure that the fence and sapling is okay. Watering is necessary for seasons other than rainy ones. But this idea too is good because by the time the rains come, our plant will be ready with its roots firmly on the ground to stand all by its own. So come on Let us Plant A Tree today itself. Once it is grown up you will be a proud owner of a tree. You will definitely feel proud on a future day when you see a pedestrian resting below, children playing around or a couple romancing beside. Birds sitting on it will thank you with a morning song.

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