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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The lifeline of the world's life is water and rivers are one of the main sources of earth's freshwater. As the demand for water grows for drinking, agriculture and industry the rivers are fast drying that they no longer reach where they used to go. We should all consider that the rivers are the property of the society and should be using it as a borrowed asset. Our ancestors could keep it to hand over these to us and will be able to give it to our children in this healthy way? The river shores are great places for trees to grow. They propagate without any active intervention of humans. Trees help to reduce the speed of the river and rivers help the trees have water all year along. Thus helping mutually they help us to live here. Its our duty to protect our rivers. Rivers should not be considered as profit making machines. They are our life itself. We should not let anymore rivers to die.

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