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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Forest Friend - Poem by Sophia White

Forest Friend

Every day, I packed a sack
With apples and with tea,
And skipped through the greenwood
Whistling happily.

Through the beeches and the elms,
Beneath the oaks and pines,
Merrily I made my way
Through dapple-dimple sunshine.

There beside a rippling stream
Amid the butterflies
I met a little forest friend
With bright and shining eyes.

We talked of this and talked of that
With time thrown to the wind.
Never have I known a soul
Like my forest friend.

When I cried, my wee friend cried,
And when I laughed, we laughed.
Life may have been a deadly sea
But our friendship was our raft.

Then one day, I skipped on down
The greenwood path again.
And the stream had all dried up,
And nowhere was my friend.

Sophia White

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