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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A forest Path - Poem by Doc Dyr


I love the old path ways in the forest,
The trees cover like an umbrella,
Dropping pretty multicolored leaves.
A mystical world all my own.

I shuffle along kicking in the colorful foliage,
Remembering all the wonders of life.
Pondering what more the future could bring.
When seeds of patience blossom into reality.

The sky is so blue through my canopy of color,
Sun shining brightly above my hideout.
I see ahead a gurgling brook,
Laughing happily at such a wondrous day.

I thank God for such beauty to behold,
Never feeling alone on my journey.
Reaching the rocky shore of my little creek,
I am amazed to see a doe and fawn not far away.

I stand so still as not to raise awareness.
patiently and adoringly gazing at the sight.
What more could I ask for in life,
But to share it with majestic creatures.

As I turn to leave for home I feel elated,
And am ready again for the everyday world.
I know there will always be a path for me.
Whether on a forest path or in life itself.

Doc Dyr

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