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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Forest - Poem by Swaroopa Rani


What a wonderful forest it is! !
What a freedom the animals have! !
The place of animals is a place of nature,
It surprises the world of amazing creature.

An innocent man moves into the forest,
He was wondered by cyclic seasons of forest,
He was surprised to see the huge trees in forest,
And he was thrilled by varied regions of forest.

When he was a child, he fears to enter the forest,
As he is very young to enjoy the beauty of forest,
He feels the beauty of nature lies in heart of forest,
The land of forest enlightens his mind with delight.

He observed a small bird’s nest on a huge tree,
He was impressed by a dance of beautiful peacock,
He learns the life cycles of plants & animals in forest,
And he feels to sleep in the cradle of evergreen forest.

Dr. M.Swaroopa Rani M.A., PhD

This photo is from the Dubare Elephant Camp. The river is Kaveri. A very beautiful place to see and visit, this sanctury is in South Karnataka.

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