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Sunday, January 6, 2008

I talked to squirrels and sang to birds.- Poem by Sophia White


One note
And a flood of memories stream back in.
I was young once, and I loved music.
I read books and was never afraid.
I went deep into the woods and played
All alone but never by myself.

Two notes
And I am taken ten years back again.
I was innocent once, and thought of nothing
But my little world and my little dreams.
I put on plays alone for just me to watch.
I followed little paths far into the trees.

Three notes
And I am lost in shimmering revery.
I was a tree-climber and a cloud-gazer.
I stopped to look at every mushroom.
I talked to squirrels and sang to birds.
I was alone and free and happy.

No notes
And I am sucked into now once more.
I am surrounded by people and afraid.
I watch movies and go to work.
I climb into the car and gaze at finances.
I shiver, and wonder how it happened.

Sophia White

This Buddha sits below a Ficus Tree in the Ramoji Film City

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