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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Adopt a Plant

Trees not only enrich the environment, but also enrich our lives. Not only is there an endless list of their benefits, but their deep imprints can be traced in our beliefs, our communities, our literature, our history, and most importantly; our lives.

The advantages of planting a tree are many fold. They provide us with oxygen; purify the air by removing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, the main greenhouse gases; help in reduction of pollution; prevent soil erosion and flooding; as well as enhance the biological diversity. They furnish us with numerous necessities such as food, shelter, medicine and render numerous economic benefits.

‘Adopt a Plant Campaign’ was initiated by WWF-India in the year 2005 with the mission of promoting plantation of native species. Since its launch, the campaign has been providing all citizens an opportunity to nurture a tree to life. We encourage individuals, communities, corporate entities, schools, RWAs as well as other organizations to involve themselves in this Campaign.

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