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Saturday, August 9, 2008

PBGEA, Stanfilco holds tree planting activity

Here's news from Philipines

A LOCAL group of banana growers and exporters has recently partnered with the residents of Barangay Carmen in Baguio District, Davao City in planting over 1,500 trees, giving particular attention to barren areas along Panigan River.

Around 100 volunteers, including government officials and employees of Pilipino Banana Growers & Exporters Assoc., Inc. (PBGEA) member-companies Stanfilco, Davco, Sumifru, and Lapanday gathered to give root to more than 500 fruit trees and over 1,000 forest trees.

Most of Panigan River, which runs through Tawan-tawan and Carmen localities, has deep and steep hillsides that can become susceptible to erosion if left with not enough forest cover.

In an activity conducted July 26, officials of Stanfilco and barangay council of Carmen, along with Malalan Elem. School teachers, parents and school children planted durian and rambutan while government and PBGEA officials concentrated on molave, mahogany, bamboo, malibago and kaningag laurel.

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