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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saving 19 priority places

Here is a list of 19 priority places to save. List made by WWF

The diversity of life isn't evenly distributed around the globe. It is concentrated in certain areas, making them a greater priority for conservation.

Through an exhaustive study that involved a team of leading scientists, biologists and policy experts, we determined that the most effective way to make a lasting difference in preserving the delicate diversity of nature is to identify those places that are of greatest significance.

The WWF Global 200 is our blueprint for identifying the areas of abundant and representative diversity around the world -- those places that must be saved in the next 50 years. We have now further refined our focus on 19 places that are of the highest priority, based on the wealth and diversity of life they support, the destructive challenges they face, and our ability to impact them within the next decade.

These 19 spectacular places include the world's largest and most intact tropical rain forests, the most diverse freshwater systems, the most varied coral reefs, the most biologically significant deserts, and the most productive fishing grounds.

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