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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Buffalo Zoo opening new $16M rain forest exhibit

BUFFALO, N.Y. - The Buffalo Zoo is unveiling its new $16 million South American rain forest exhibit, which features a two-story waterfall, giant anteaters, vampire bats, howler monkeys, an anaconda and other rare animals.

Zoo officials hope the exhibit, opening to the public Wednesday, will boost the zoo's winter attendance.

The exhibit is designed after Venezuela's 3,000-foot-high Angel Falls, which zoo President Donna Fernandes visited in 1982. She suggested replicating the world's tallest waterfall when planning for the new exhibit began four years ago.

Visitors to the rain forest exhibit will traverse indoor walkways that will take them through mist from the waterfall, with viewing from a second-story platform and other overlooks.

Article here
The painting is by Laura Tasheiko

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