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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go plant a tree

Tacoma wants you to go green. To help, the city and Metro Parks offer tree-planting tips and guidelines. And maybe even some free trees.

It seems so basic, the planting of a tree.

But there is one thing homeowners need to do before doing so:

“Look up,” said Kathy Sutalo, urban forester for Metro Parks Tacoma.

And: “Look around,” said Jennifer Kammerzelle, urban forester for the city.

All too often, South Sound residents plant trees – even in city owned sidewalk strips – without considering how the trees’ growth might affect power lines or city streets and sidewalks.

“It’s like buying a dog and putting it in a tiny doghouse without realizing it’s going to grow into a Great Dane,” Sutalo said. Today’s Home and Garden section is full of tree-planting tips and rules and regulations from the city and Metro Parks.

Before you plant, read up.
The painting is by Laura Tasheiko

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