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Friday, January 11, 2008

Rain Forest Land - Poem by Ivar Kalleberg

Rain Forest Land

The cattle may graze where once was jungle maze
Where panthers and monkeys did roam
We will see them no more on new pastures galore
Have beef cattle and gauchos their home

Oh Rain Forest Land You have lost to the progress of Man
Your wildlife and woods Are low profit goods
But grasslands bring cash in like sand

The trees have been burned Nature’s way overturned
Precious topsoil eroded away some discouraging word
Can often be heard ‘Cause black smoke covers sky all the day

Oh new desert land Many droughts may soon be at hand
We better take heed Exploitation and greed
Soon may cause the extinction of Man

The climate will change way back home on the range
Many floods will cause problems galore
The once fertile land will be barren sand
Heavy rainstorms will fall more and more

Oh Rain Forest Son All your birthrights are virtually gone
Since you moved to the town do you often feel down?
When you see that your forests are gone?

There still might be hope if we manage to cope
And replenish those vanishing trees
If our forests may live we can pray God will give
All Mankind on His earth a new lease

Oh Rainforest Land your herbs might give new cures to Man
Before its too late we must reinstate
All that bounty we had from God’s hand

-Ivar Kalleberg

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