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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Silent Forest - Poem by Ivar Kalleberg

The Silent Forest

I heard no lonesome whippoorwill
Just cars and planes and trains
Endangered species may die out
In forest, parks and plains
I did not hear no robin weep
Is this the silent spring ?
Has our pollution killed most birds
Since we don’t hear them sing ?

The hills and dales in our lush state
Gave homes to hawks and jays
The silence in our forests now
Could mean that all decays
We never see no whippoorwill
Against the smogfilled sky
With ozone layers full of holes
Our planet starts to die

The pandas and the rhinos may
Be gone in fifty years
Our dying forests way up north
May host no grizzly bears
The elephants and chimpanzees
Survive in zoos and parks
If we don't save our wildlife soon
They'll need some Noah's arks

Ivar Kalleberg

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